MVP scores in NBA 2K22 are an exclusive kind of points that you can earn by doing nearly anything in the game 2K MT. If you're thinking about what MVP points do in NBA 2K22 then apart from that, they let you access the penthouse as well as the zipline. Of course you'll need to accumulate lots of MVP points before you can become the City MVP and get those privileges, so how do you acquire the points? Just do whatever you want to.

For instance, you can play City quests or City MVP quests, as also daily and side quests. You can also win NBA or City matches. You can also play during playoffs, conduct runways and interviews , and Race of the Week, you can win the rookie of year or the MVP in the league, and the list is endless. Make sure to highlight every quest or activity and it will show you the number of MVP points you'll be able to earn from it. The trick is to earn enough, which brings me to the next part of our discussion.

To unlock the penthouse as well as the zipline in NBA 2K22, you have to earn 1 million MVP points. You can follow any of the methods that we've discussed above to earn them; complete City quests and City MVP quests, participate in the playoffs, and earn the MVP of the season or rookie of the year or other. When you reach one million, you get the chance to live in a penthouse at Parkside Lofts.

Once you've reached your building's entrance there are five options available. The first option lets you enter your penthouse. The fourth, which is the names of the different cities, take one to the zip line which you then take down to the portion of the city which is the association you choose Buy NBA 2K22 MT. It's basically a form of quick travel, sort of.