This means that, although Lost Ark can be played on Lost Ark Gold South Korea and other regions for quite some time However, those from the West who have recently pre-ordered any or all of Lost Ark Creator's Pack on Steam were also able to play the game today (February 8).

You can still start playing the game immediately when you purchase an Founder's Pack for the MMO via Steam (each of which includes a variety of game-related rewards as well having early access to game's title).

What happens if you do not want to spend money on the Lost Ark Founder's Pack and just want to dive into the game once it leaves Early Access and becomes a publicly available, free-to-play game? The good news is , you'll be able to have the opportunity to do that.

Lost Ark is set to be released to the public via Steam in a free-to play title on the 11th of February. You can download the game through Steam right now (its download size is at about 70 GB) If you're not ready to purchase an Founder's Pack between now and then, you'll have wait for the game to be fully released before being able to launch it.

For the release time well, that's a little tricky. The ideal scenario is that the free-to-play version Lost Ark will be available for download on buy Lost Ark Items February 11. Lost Ark will launch via Steam on February 11 at the following times:


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