Lost Ark has a ton of content and events to get involved in. And players can also get a lot of Cheap Lost Ark Gold from these events. However, from Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons to island exploration, players will need to collect some Pirate Coins to aid their journey.

One of the main reasons Pirate Coins are so valuable is Song of Resonance, which allows players to access special locations in Arkesia and can be purchased for 16,500 Pirate Coins. Pirate Coins can gain ship upgrades and new crews, which is helpful for anyone looking to explore the high seas in Lost Ark.

There are several ways to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark, but one of the easiest is to complete Island Quests. Players can earn a lot of Lost Ark Gold from missions. These are special quests that players can find on the many islands to explore throughout Arkesia. Here are some islands that contain Pirate Coins: Lullaby Island, Giant Mushroom Island, Runaways Island, Golden Wave Island, Sublime Island, Peyto and Glacier Isle, Freedom Isle.

The most lucrative of these islands will be Lullaby Island, and once completed, players will get their hands on 16,500 Pirate Coins. The island is in the Southwest of Anikka or Northeast of East Luterra. Voyage Coins earned from Marine Events can be exchanged for Pirate Coins at Tea and Libra Guild Vessel in various ports in Arkesia.

Next, players will need to complete the Procyon’s Compass quest when available, as it rewards players with Pirate Coins for completing special quests. Procyon’s Compass can be found under their minimap. Finally, players will occasionally see Pirate Coins as a reward for completing Una’s Tasks. If players want a quicker way to get Lost Ark Gold, they can buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM.com. Try it!