In Lost Ark, players first need to choose a server before they can create their first character. Players can only interact with other players on the server. If the player has friends playing on another server and the player wishes to join them, you will need to make sure you select the correct server before starting to level up your character.

Most MMORPGs allow players to move their characters to different servers, giving them flexibility if they decide to continue their Gold Lost Ark journey on another server. However, in Lost Ark, players cannot change the in-game server. If the player decides to move to another server, a new character will need to be created.

This means that players need to start from scratch when they want to switch servers. Before players start falling down the Lost Ark rabbit hole, it's a good idea to ask the player's circle of friends to see if they've already started playing on another server. Considering Lost Ark's debut in the Western gaming space, the feature could make its way into games in the future based on community demand.

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