So, let me present it to you like this. In 1969 my time in the first grade , growing up in rural Alabama during winter, it was in thirty-six degrees outside. And I was required to go to school barefoot. No shoes. This Madden 22 coins isn't for an apology or a sad story. But I can remember my brother being a block further away from the home. I'm at the front door. My sister was standing a block away from my brother. my other sister was at the stop for buses. My sister who was at the bus stop could see that the bus was on top a couple of blocks away, she would shout towards my younger sister. She would yell at my brother. My brother would yell at me. Then I'd walk to the exit barefoot. By the time my brother got to my sister's house I'd probably caught him before he even got there. At the time we made it to the bus stop I'm 15or 20 feet in front of my brother and sister. From attending school in bare feet in the winter of '69 to growing up and having my own sneaker that was inspired by my mother ... I'm fortunate.

After some 30 odd years, people continue to brag about the shoe and even collect that shoe. In the last few weeks, a good friend of mine, Anthony Anderson, the comedian, he texts me, "Hey, Bo! I'm doing a show about all my sneakers. I'm unable to locate those Air Shoes. I need a pair of your shoes! It happened that I had a pair inside my workplace. I thought, 'Hey, I have the shoes here. I'm able to send them to you. It's these moments those when I just sit in my chair and think, 'Wow!.'

The last NFL season New York Giants running back and Nike sportsman Saquon Barkley received his own variant of the Air Trainer 3. How was it to watch him pay homage to you by wearing the sneaker?

I gave him the shoes. It was as if I said"Grasshopper! It's my moment to carry this torch. You have to do it in a professional manner.' I know that Saquon will do a great job at this. Saquon is a very good child. He reminds me of a large amount of me. He's a runner with a lot of power and his head on straight. This is the thing that impresses me the most. It's not the stats. I love how he carries himself.

Everybody will have Bo Jackson. If you take a moment to think about some of the NFL running backs who've taken on you, which have the most resemblance to you?

I can only think of two players -There are two that I can think of - Saquon and Derrick Henry -- on the power and strength of their bodies and the ability to navigate between the field and defense. They don't have the speed I had. However, they've managed to make their speed work. They're extremely successful at what they do. And that's why they're considered to be among the top running backs in the game currently.

In the course of your professional career, what's the cheap Madden nfl 22 coins most memorable game you played that you think could have come from an online game?