For Lost Ark's Western debut, players are limited to 15 tiers. These are spread across five base levels, each for a different type of playstyle. In Lost Ark, warriors are good at melee combat and dealing damage. All this power comes at the cost of agility. Therefore, if the player wants to get up close and personal and be the heart of the team, the Warrior is a very suitable class.

The Berserker wields a greatsword and possesses an impressive defense. Entering burst mode will grant them higher attack speed and movement. Paladins excel at providing passive buffs to teammates and dealing moderate damage at close range, armed with holy books and one-handed swords. Gunlancer uses guns and Lost Ark Gold For Sale shields to get the best defensive stats in its class. They can deal massive damage, but they are very slow when attacking.

Martial Artist is a flexible profession, it has the characteristics of fast movements and fast strikes. Strikers use Elemental Gauntlets and attack with quick aerial combos. Wardancer wields light gloves and stores elemental energy before unleashing devastating attacks. Scrapper wields heavy gloves and delivers sustained attacks to stagger and defeat enemies with ease. Soul Fist is perfect for those looking for a unique twist on the standard martial artist formula.

If the player wants to wander around in the shadows and deliver quick, precise strikes against hordes of Lost Ark Gold enemies, the Assassin class is the perfect choice. Shadow Hunter transforms into demon form to unleash devastating attacks and increase health and movement speed. The Deathblade is a traditional assassin type that uses three swords and fast-paced attacks to quickly eliminate enemies. Additionally, players can purchase Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS to upgrade their character's skills.