Given your low CB stats, I'd suggest you to Buy OSRS Gold slaughter chickens until 10 str. Then, kill cows until lvl 20 str atk and def before even trying dungeoneering. The monsters that lurk there will pile you.If you don't are able to tank them, you will be killed.Around 20 lvl melee, you should be able to be able to tank them in sufficient amounts.

Another point.. If you're looking for combat experience, do not go in groups.. If you are, ensure that your team members are at your combat level (or less).Because the monsters are determined by the average level of the group.

For instance If I were ur teammate (lvl 91) The monsters that are there would be in the 30s to 80s.. This means you will probably never be able to hit them.. If they do attack you, u'll be dead in a flash... If you solo it, the majority of monsters will be in your level...

The main issue.. If you are determined to get an 1h wep, purchase an Longsword (get the most powerful longsword you can get)... If you go for lvl 20 atk str, def and str as i suggested, you could use the marmo-thingy (or bathus) metal to create your armour and wep. Keep in mind that you must unlock the the complexity of 6 or more to create armour.

With those numbers it is unlikely that you will be able to join an elite team for gwd or any other that isn't the case of a mass. For barrows , I would highly recommend purchasing 70 mage and the range of RS Gold 2007 the black salamander. What you can do with the melee brothers is to cast an ice burst, then walk diagonally to them and then mage them using the salamander for two strikes.