Perhaps because Dungeoneering Shields are getting more popular and Divine as well as Elysian Spirit Shields are becoming more widely produced, to OSRS gold the point of where a significant portion of the RS populace (200Kor more) possess both. Also, both are cough-friendly. All Day cough.

Yes, more GP = more demand. However, this system doesn't generate the GP. Instead, the objects aren't destroyed, but instead sold, and then reenter the economy. MORE SUPPLY = LOWER PRICE. Yeap Well said. The only way Bots can stop them is to altering and reprogramming the game. Eg. the trees that are being planted south of Fally do not appear to have bots.

Just wanna know what you guys think of this...I'm 101 combating right now and have a good amount of cash (100mil equivalent to around) I'm considering a way to max out my account since I've never owned any high-level accounts before.

My account started as my main account, until about the age of 75 when I made the choice to switch to Ranger. Now, I don't play in it since PKing was boring and it doesn't produce any profits. If I choose to go main, I could...

Use better gear and combat styles for Slayer, bosses and such (I have plenty for bandsos and a rage which is the standard godwars item) Get 95 Prayer for chaos and ss that can make a difference in the game. Also, I'll have 60 Summoning, 99 ranged , and 96 Magic. I'm aware of the fact that levelling Strength + Attack and undertaking a plethora of quests can take a some time but I'm not sure I have much to look forward currently, aside from more Pking. Also , I've played boss as a tank, Armadyl I don't find entertaining and at buy old school rs gold Bandos solo I died and could not take the slightest amount of damage. Should I try it?