New World takes a lot from the classic MMO in terms of combat, polishing, and crafting, while also bringing a lot of benefits in terms of gameplay and progression. In New World, there is an extensive gear system. This means that all gear is assigned gear points instead of being separated by horizontal walls. Getting the highest gear score in New World takes a lot of work, which is 600.

Umbral Shards are a new addition to New World and are directly related to improving player equipment and raising it above the level cap in an upcoming update. It is a new in-game material that New World Coins players need to upgrade their gear scores during the game. Umbral Shards can upgrade gear with a minimum score of 590 to a maximum of 625.

They also allow players to increase their expertise in specific gear slots, allowing for an increase from 600 to 625. Upgrading a piece of gear also permanently increases the player's expertise for that gear slot. It's important to note that players upgrading a piece of gear with Umbral Shards will not turn it into a Legendary item, nor will it give it additional perks. Upgrading a piece of gear will only increase the item's scaling to 625 power level.

To use Umbral Shards, players must first own a piece of equipment to level up. This piece of equipment must have a score of 590 or higher. In addition, the experience of that equipment slot must be above 590. If both of these requirements are met, the only thing left is to have the correct number of Umbral Shards needed to upgrade the Cheap New World Coins gear to the desired score.

The number of Umbral Shards required to upgrade a piece of equipment depends on the difference between the points. Players can visit NewWorldCoins to find out how many Umbral Shards their gear needs. At the same time, players can also buy cheap New World Coins there. The more New World Coins a player buys, the more discount they get!