Warlock is definitely one of the best options for players who just want to focus on damage in WOW TBC Classic. This class has three unique specializations, the most powerful of which is Destruction, as these talents provide more damage than Pain and Demonology. Aside from useful curses and consumables like the Life Stone and Soul Stone, the player's role is usually to deal a lot of damage.

Depending on the type of spell the player casts, Destruction can be played as Shadow or Fire. In general, Fire is better early in the WOW Classic TBC Gold game, while Shadow surpasses it later. The Destruction Warlock's build is simple, players want to get all the associated damage-boosting talents from Destruction, then go into the Demonology tree to get the massive damage-boosting demon sacrifice.

The rotation in The Destruction Warlock is very simple, players only have a few spells to use, and players often use the same two buttons over and over. Players need to use Demonic Sacrifice on their Succubus or Imp with Fel Armor, then cast the specified Curse and Shadow Bolt or Incinerate. Reaching the 16% hit cap should be the player's first goal.

Being a gem that destroys Warlock is a bit different from other classes. There are some nuances here, as Warlock has a high spell hit requirement, but unlike most classes, they don't have the talent to increase stats. This means that unless the player's gear has a lot of hits, the TBC Classic Gold player needs to focus on the hit gem, and once the hit requirement is met, it can move on to the spell power gem.

Tailoring and Enchanting are two great classes for Warlock. Tailoring provides access to some of the best early game items, while Enchanting provides a solid stat boost, as it allows players to gain 24 additional spell power through unique ring enchants. To get the most out of both classes, players should buy a lot of TBC Classic Gold from MMOWTS to their advantage.