I can envision a major decline in Dbones OSRS Gold. I'm going to say that pretty soon they may go lower than 2K. In the long term you could go even further than 2k. Prayer is among the skills that is heavily dependent on updates in terms of the price of prayer. For instance, when Piety is made available, and prices explode as 1,000 gold increasing overnight.

Why? There aren't many bones in circulation. Everyone would like them, but supply is low and prices are soaring in order to compensate. In the event that there's no new updates that make high-prayer mandatory, it'll decrease steadily. Once you've started seeing new prayer content that requires more prayer (70-99), it'll boost in the future.

But if there are no new update that's the case, the price will just continue to drop. Maybe not too much every week, but it'll go down a bit each month, as the years pass by. It's a skill that is volatile and is a little like herb-based lore. The frost dragon bots having in a ball, and blue/green dragons filled with bots I can see the price falling rapidly.

It is possible to say that prayer is cash drain... directly sure, it's. But when you have like 95 prayers and you experience turmoil that you have to pk, you boss with it and start making more money than you did before. So prayer does make you money indirectly Buy RS3 Gold. Price will fluctuate up and down in a day but will just keep going down in the future.