If a player wants to get a mount in WOW TBC Classic then they need to spend some gold. Mounts cost from 100 to 1000 gold, with normal costing 1000 gold and epic costing 5000. If the player wants to lower the price of these mounts, the player will need to build their reputation with the faction that controls the city of the WOW TBC Gold flight instructor of their choice.

If players have played WoW Classic, players will know the difference between epic and normal flying mounts very well. Just like traditional mounts, they affect the speed of the player's movement, with normal increasing the speed by 60% and epic increasing the speed by 100%. However, if the player wants to get these mounts, then the player has to spend some gold.

Players can also utilize Druids to gain flight, a method that can save players thousands of gold. Once druids reach level 68, they can learn flying form, which allows them to become their own flying mounts for the low price of 8g/60. However, if the player wants to unlock the "Epic" flight form, then the player will still need 5000 gold to complete its questline.

Alternatively, players can Buy TBC Gold get the flying mount and use the WoW Classic Parachute Cloak before level 45, which is a neat item. While it doesn't let the player fly, it helps the player glide. It is very useful for players who like to run Battlegrounds PvP. All the player needs is level 225 engineering, recipes, and the required materials.

If players want to get flying mounts in WOW TBC Classic, be sure to save your gold. If players are short of time to play due to work and desperately need a lot of WOW TBC Gold, they can come to MMOWTS for help, their professional team can ensure that you receive your purchases as soon as possible after payment.