Madden 22 Playoffs will probably return to Ultimate Team with several exciting new cards as the NFL postseason begins. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the Madden 22 Playoffs sale is coming as the playoffs begin. Players can prepare MUT 22 Coins now. It’s been mentioned in an episode of Good Morning Madden over the past few weeks, but plans always change. They haven’t announced it yet.

Now that Team of the Year has been revealed, including when voting will begin, the promotion itself won’t launch at Madden 22 until January 25th. That leaves more than a week with no promotions to fall back on, and Madden 22 Playoffs are likely to arrive. Best of all, players can look back at last year’s edition to see exactly when Madden 22 Playoffs players will apply to these games. During this period, players can buy Madden 22 Coins in advance.

Madden 21’s promotion ditched AFC and NFC cards. Last year’s NFL Playoffs kicked off on January 9, 2021, so the Madden 21 Playoffs sale took place on January 8, 2021, with a few dips in subsequent weeks. This is in line with the Madden 22 Playoffs promotion that landed on Friday, January 14, 2022, prior to the start of the playoffs on January 15, 2022. But players will have more MUT Coins for it.

How many new players will be added to the Madden 22 Playoffs sale? Once again, last year’s plans help inform what EA might have in store for the Madden 22 Playoffs sale. In the first drop, they released offensive and defensive heroes for every NFL team that qualified for the playoffs. With 14 teams currently running, players can know that 28 new players have joined Ultimate Team. They might include a Playoffs Master as a reward for collecting all the others, and the extra drops might highlight some of the standout players in the postseason. If players want to get these cards, then they can prepare enough Cheap MUT Coins.