Madden 22 Campus Heroes Volume 2 brings a lot of player items with lower ratings. If players want to get these items, they can Buy Madden 22 Coins to get everything they want. Besides player items, players can also complete new Missions or Challenges in Ultimate Team mode. These will be Madden 22 Campus Heroes: Final Exams missions.

There are Offensive and Defensive tasks to be completed. An example of the first Offensive task is to score a rushing TD on that drive and score within five drives to get a reward. By completing a series of Offensive and Defensive missions, players can unlock “The Real Tests” to complete. Players may also get MUT Coins and other rewards by completing tasks.

The task will bring rewards based on the number of stars got and the level reached. On the first level (40 stars), players will receive 85 OVR Campus Heroes player cards. On the second layer (90 stars), gamers can get 94 OVR NCAT All-Conference Fantasy Pack. Level 3 (140 stars) brings a pair of 85+ OVR Campus Heroes players.

Exchange sets for Underclassman Fantasy Pack, Player Cards. There are multiple exchange sets for player items to be completed. There is an Underclassman Fantasy Pack, which can be exchanged for two 80-82 OVR players and one 83-84 OVR player to unlock any 85 OVR Underclassman Campus Hero. Other sets require 30 of the 85 OVR player items to unlock Campus Heroes Tatum, Landry, Van Pelt, and others.

Campus Champions require three 94 OVR All-Conference players. By exchanging these, gamers can get Harvin or Orakpo 96 OVR, as well as their Power Up and three NCAT 94 OVR All-Conference Players. If players want to seize this opportunity to get everything they want, they should buy MUT 22 Coins.