We didn't review NBA 2K22 or NHL 22, but mut coins madden 22 both games racked favorable reviews from reviewers this year. NBA 2K22 has the 78 mark on Metacritic and the general feedback to the game's gameplay is positive but held back due to microtransactions and technical issues in some modes.

NHL 22, on the other hand, was reviewed poorly, earning a rating of 70 on Metacritic. In our review of NHL 22, most critics praise the game's hockey, but low on the absence of new ideas. The move over to the EA Frostbite engine is a welcome boost to NHL 22 an aesthetic boost in comparison to previous versions.

You can grab the most current yearly sports titles for just $60 at launch could be risky however the $26 price per game is the perfect opportunity to add the latest editions of each franchise to your library. The are other Black Friday discounts from Walmart to benefit from this week, too and include the extreme sports open-world sandbox Rider's Republic for just $25.

This Madden NFL game show has a very dedicated fanbase. NFL fans have to have other options in football games. This is the reason why Madden NFL 22 is still amazing despite its launch in mid August at the time that the NFL season approaches the ninth week of its season. However, it's precisely the investment from Madden players that is being hit by a particularly bad glitch. Two and a half months following Madden NFL 22's launchdate, it's possible that players will lose their entire Madden NFL franchise.

Madden NFL 22's players have been suffering from an awful bug since game's launch. The exact cause of the issue is is not known. However, the result is clearly evident. Users will attempt to access their football club's franchise from Franchise mode but buy Madden 22 coins it won't even open.