After the news of his death at 85, Madden 22 players are mourning the death of NFL legend John Madden. The National Football League announced Madden died unexpectedly on December 28. Since 1988, Madden’s name has brought football fans to the grill through the EA Sports franchise. Although players buy Madden Coins in the game, it also brings players closer to the action than ever before. Even outside of video games, he has become synonymous with the sport he has played, coached and broadcast for 50 years.

After the news of Madden’s death spread, people mourned the man who would inspire a generation of players and MUT Coins. One fan said, RIP. For 20 years, Madden video games have been the foundation of his gaming life. Playing 2005 as he speaks. Madden’s favorite quote in the game: “Basically one of the major reasons the NFL is popular as it is.”

Another fan said that without John Madden, his love of football would not be what it is today. There are thousands of tributes to Twitter, Reddit, and people who share the same bond with the beloved franchise. The NFL expressed condolences for the death of John Madden and issued a statement that touched on Coach’s storied career.

NFL President Roger Goodall said in a statement that they represent the entire NFL family and express condolences to Virginia, Mike, Joe and their families. They all know that he is the Hall of Fame coach of Oakland Raiders and the broadcaster that works for every major network, but he is a loyal husband, father and grandfather. The entire football fan group remembers John Madden and his legacy of the sport. He helped establish where he is today, and also allows players to more actively buy MUT 22 Coins and continue to challenge themselves in the game.