Since the launch of New World, like any decent MMO, it has almost always been the goal of robots. Initially, some unconscious friends focused on fishing and ore-gathering to earn New World Gold. This is still the case, although they now seem to have expanded to other professions, most notably reaching a fairly high level. It can be said that when players have a robot above level 30, they have a lot of fishing experience and show how long the robot has been active.
JustDaveinTheLBC wrote that in the last week, he again saw many bots flooding into the server. But they are all taller now, in their 20s and 30s. They harvested and mined completely effectively. Do other servers see this situation again? He reported the same robot three times in three days, and it became really annoying competing with the robot for materials.
There is no lack of video evidence in the game, and players can observe characters that are obviously not controlled by human players. The player Rheality_ has been tracking a robot named yhnmd and reporting it regularly. Ten days later, the robot is still happily conducting business. Although at least sometimes it misses a step and leaves many lovely leathers to collect. This has a terrible effect on the economy in the game. Many players will still encounter this kind of thing even though they buy New World Gold.
Players are frustrated by Amazon Game Studios’ apparent inaction in two ways. Because of the massive amount of robot activity, it becomes meaningless to collect their own resources when prices fall. And when the players keep reporting the seemingly obvious robots, there are no consequences. But if players want to get more resources, they can also New World Coins Buy to enhance their strength.