Amazon’s New World is accustomed to players looking for exploits to plunder additional New World Gold, but yesterday MMO took it to a whole new level. The game itself accidentally started distributing large amounts of New World Gold to certain players.

Since the launch of New World, there have been many problems. Every week there is an additional reason Amazon has to take some measures. Usually, this has to do with the complex economy of the game and the cunning players who are trying to take advantage of its complex initial problems. But the publisher entirely caused this week’s disaster. As reported, players on EU servers received a generous 300,000 New World Coins.

Amazon’s Israeli, Russian and Japanese developers told players in a statement what other issues were. The problem started when the game tried to make up for lost taxes for players who had previously faced power outages. He explained this database change incorrectly awarded an enormous amount instead of the expected amount. Many players have used New World Gold to purchase many items at the trading station. However, New World’s economy is obviously very fragile. They don’t want this recent profligacy to affect their land, and decided that the only option is to take the server offline and roll back time.

They said that after inspection, there is no clean way to reverse only the players who won the New World, because secondary effects are very common and involve more players and systems. Therefore, they rolled back roles, companies, and trading stations before implementing the database modification. During the test, they found a problem. The few players transferred were stuck in the “character_restore_failure” state. Although they restored everything else in the game, although all players woke up with some empty bank accounts, the trading station was still boring. These issues seem to only affect servers in the “Central European Union”. So players still need to New World Coins Buy to get the items they want.