As the population of New World continues to decrease, players hope to merge servers with a smaller population immediately to avoid irreparable losses. New World was launched successfully before, and the total number of players active on Steam on the first day exceeded 700,000. Many players also buy Cheap New World Coins in advance. But with too many players, Amazon had to solve the problem of insufficient server availability for everyone waiting in line and added more servers quickly.

Because of the limited capacity of each server, New World players quickly used many of them at full capacity. Although players are buying New World Gold to enhance themselves in the game, the population of New World has decreased recently, and the number is declining day by day. This led Amazon to announce that because of the decline in the player base, it will merge soon some New World servers, which may help as a short-term solution to the problem, which will ensure the interests of players and the gaming experience.

A Reddit user shared a post on the platform to illustrate the importance of Amazon’s determination to merge the New World server to see the importance of immediate action. The main reason is that low-populated servers will eventually see the site of each settlement downgraded to a very low level because of how bad the intrusion works and how bad it is to fight without active players. Players buy New World Coins to win the battle, but there are not enough active players to fight, which is frustrating.

The result was that everything was downgraded, harming the interests of all players still active on that server. As the New World server transfer becomes one thing, other active players who don’t want to be punished because of world vacancies just pack up and move elsewhere and prepare enough Amazon New World Coins again to feel the fierce battle.