It finally released New World after experiencing various problems. There is no doubt that it has achieved brilliant success. Many players have bought New World Coins in advance to enable them to upgrade quickly in the game. But surprisingly, the number of players is declining. The most classic faction war in the game requires many players as support, so this is not a wonderful phenomenon. Fortunately, Amazon is aware of the growing player base and has confirmed that server consolidation is about to enter the game.

A developer confirmed world mergers are coming, but Amazon will not add them until the system is fully tested. Because of many problems in the first few weeks, including very long queue times and server transmission problems, the studio was cautious before using this feature. He continues to assure people that the team is constantly considering it and is actively working to achieve it. Although players buy Amazon New World Coins to enhance their gaming experience, but this will make the game more perfect.

Part of the problem may be how the territories on the map of Aeternum will change with the merger. Considering that factions can control various settlements and regions, it is difficult to merge the servers because of territorial mismatch. The speculation seems to show that the server with a lower population density will be the server that loses the territorial data, but will be transferred to the territory of the server with the larger population.

Although MMORPG games like New World have many influencing factors, Amazon has confirmed that this bodes well for the community and is also a positive sign. For players who have not yet played New World, they need to prepare enough Amazon New World Gold to make adequate preparations.