Kammprofile Gaskets Suppliers’s Gaskets when placed between two irregular surfaces on machine parts help to prevent leakages. Kammprofile gaskets, also known as Grooved Gaskets, are widely used industrial sealants that contain a serrated metal core covered by a soft material such as graphite or PTFE, with or without a ring. Gasket suppliers generally provide these kinds of gaskets for use in pipes and heat exchangers. For challenging applications such as high pressure hydrocarbons, high pressure manufacturing plants and chemical plants, Kammprofile gaskets are utilised.

Kammprofile gaskets come with the following benefits:

Flexible Sealing
The exceptional stability of Kammprofile gaskets allows them to perform efficiently at varying levels of seating stress. These gaskets give excellent results irrespective of flanges with different bolt loads or installation errors. The damage to flanges is also minimal with Kammprofile gaskets as layers of PTFE, graphite, silver or aluminium are used for making these gaskets. Additionally, the low seating stress minimizes gasket removal concerns.

Chemical Resistance
Kammprofile gaskets are ideal for industrial settings where hazardous chemicals are used. The high chemical resistance and adequate sealing stress of these gasket ensures that the sealing function works well with machine components in an industrial plant dealing with chemicals. Due to this feature of the gasket, chemical leakage can be prevented from coming in contact with people and the environment. Thus, safety on site can be ensured in application areas such as petrochemical plants, nuclear power plants and chemical plants.

Pressure and temperature resistance
Many of the industrial plants use pressure and temperature control in their production process. Kammprofile gaskets can be effective sealants in manufacturing and research plants where high pressure and high temperatures are a norm.

For industrial users, Kammprofile gaskets manufacturers can refurbish the used gaskets and make them reusable as needed. Refurbished gaskets add to the savings of users of these gaskets.

Longer Shelf life
The sturdy nature of Kammprofile gaskets gives it the ability to stay effective for a longer period without wearing off. This feature reduces the cost of maintenance and gives additional value to the end users of the gaskets. The need for disposal of the gaskets can therefore be avoided.

Generally, Kammprofile gaskets are available with covering of soft elements such as PTFE and graphite. PTFE enveloped grooved gaskets provide the properties of PTFE to the gaskets material thereby enhancing the properties of the gasket. The types of Kammprofile gaskets available today include grooved, metallic and corrugated metallic gaskets.

Convex Kammprofile gaskets offer better sealing properties due to their design. The size of these gaskets can be anywhere from few millimetres to a few thousand millimetres as per the customisation required by the end user. With low failure rate, these Metal Jacketed Gaskets have been widely utilised by manufacturers from across the world.