There is no doubt that nowadays marketing is tremendously relevant and directly affects sales. The user chooses Small Plastic Juice Bottles for their quality, but also for them being trendy or because of advertising or the packaging itself. We want to show you the most popular cosmetic containers.

The main objective of cosmetic packaging is both to protect and present a specific product to customers. It adds value to the product and, depending on what we transmit through the package, we define the profile of our consumers, their gender, age and other demographic data.

Cosmetic packaging also has other functions such as protecting the packaged product, facilitating its storage, distribution and sale. Therefore, the following must be taken into account at the time of the design and manufacture of cosmetic packaging:

What type of container should be chosen for the cosmetic product?
What is the most suitable packaging for it?
Types of packaging for cosmetics
Plastic containers are the most used in the cosmetic industry, because their weight is low and are very versatile when it comes to modifying their design. The most common are:

Pots: they include the container, the screw cap and an intermediate lid to guarantee better preservation. Additionally, some are accompanied by a spatula. At IP Triana, we offer different sizes of packaging made of polypropylene for a variety of creams.
Tubes: the user must squeeze the container so that the product comes out. The advantage of this type of packaging is that since the interior cannot be handled, the product is safe from germs although the nozzle requires periodically cleaning so that no dirt enters inside.
Manual dispenser: a plastic container that requires manual pressure to extract the product. It allows measuring the dose that the consumer needs. They are what we see used, for example, in hand soaps, gels, makeups or creams. They allow for the product to not be wasted or to be used in very small doses, the essential quantity for each use.
Roll-on: common in deodorants, eye contours, some face makeup, etc. By including a ball that does the “roll” effect, the product is never wasted and it does not dry out or spill.
Bottles for colognes and perfumes: Especially ideal for products in family sizes and children’s use, since nothing happens if they fall or tip over.
Single-dose containers: designed to be used only once, so it prevents the product from deteriorating, in addition to facilitating its transport. Good examples are the droppers or the physiological sera containers.
Sprayers: These plastic containers include a special device for spraying the product they contain. Nowadays, so-called airless containers can be manufactured. These work using a continuous vacuum system and, as it is consumed, the product is driven upwards by the effect of the vacuum produced. These containers are usually common for creams or deodorants.
Dropper: its use is restricted in cosmetics to the application of sera, oils and low-density products.
If you are looking for cosmetic containers, choose the best Plastic Cosmetic Bottles
for your product. With a good marketing strategy for all phases of the product, you can make a difference in front of your competitors. Above all, do not forget about the design and packaging.