The newest patch for Madden 22 coins has arrived, and it addresses a series of ongoing issues with the pro football game that players have reported since its launch.

In particular the patch for September 23 for Madden 22 adds some new tweaks to the Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones defensive practice, which previously was able to create too much space. EA also provided additional tuning changes to Cover 3 Deep Zones play against Bunch Flood plays, and also made a change to the outside Cover 3 Deep Zones in order to "better prepare for threats from across the field." In the case of one player, as mentioned on social platforms, the patch doesn't look to resolve the problem in all situations however.

EA stated that Cover 3 has proven to be one of the most sought-after choice of coverages among the Madden 22 userbase, and the new patch seeks to enhance the experience on the basis of feedback. This update is just step one of that process, as the studio will try to improve the pass coverage for curl-flat and flat zones when they release the next update to the game.

Other than that Apart from that, the Madden 22 patch fixes a problem with Face of the Franchise with the progression of classes. Also, it addresses an issue where play art cannot be displayed properly.

Madden NFL 22 September 23 Patch Notes. Solution to a problem regarding class progression in Face of the Franchise. Problem solved with flipped play art when base aligning and choosing a new play. Tuning to. Outside Cover 3 Deep Zones that give the space away too often vs Corner routes , with no vertical receiving threat in their area. Tuning to Cover 3 deep zones in comparison to buy Madden nfl 22 coins Bunch Flood ideas.